Timberland get us to celebrate our cities in this rousing ad. More specifically, they tell us to champion the nature in our cities.

When most people think of nature, they think of trees and wildlife.  But Timberland tells us that the nature of the city is also about the people, culture of the people who live inside of it. They want people to think about what makes their hometown great and tell people what it means to be a local in their stomping ground.

Timberland Tells You To Celebrate Your City image of Timberland

In this cool ad, we meet people from lots of different cities around the world. We meet creatives from Hamburg in Germany, Wandsworth in Britain and Chicago and Philadelphia in America. Each of these places are really different and have their own style and culture, but in some ways they’re very similar as well. Each city fosters creativity and inspires the people living in them to chase their dreams and make awesome stuff happen. Are you inspired by where you come from? What makes your home town special? Let us know down in the comments below.

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