Chasing Monsters is a thrilling short film by Krystle White that follows famed storm chaser and photographer Nick Moir as he gets up close to some of the most dangerous weather known to man.

Storm chasers are a unique breed of people. They travel deep into the places where everyone is running from. For them, what would strike fear into our hearts sparks joy into theirs. This short film shows us the tough journey of finding and following big storms and the thrills of getting up close to them. It shows us the effort that goes into finding out information about where the storm will hit, the long trek into the centre of the storm and, ultimately, the incredible views that the chasers get to witness.

The best part of the short film is getting to see the happiness experienced by Nick as he perfectly captures the storm on film. Hurricanes and tornadoes can be some of the most beautiful natural sights, despite their destructive qualities. People like Nick allow us to look death and destruction in the eye and get up close to things we’d never otherwise see.

Chasing Monsters|Krystle White|Short Form

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