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Mobile network Three are stepping up to the debate about phone usage in a big way – yeah we spend too much time on them, they’e probably killing us and we’re all developing some kind of personality disorder because of them, but what about all the good things phones can do?


To illustrate this, Three’s new #PhonesAreGood advert imagines if smartphones were available at different pivotal moments through history. We see everything from the Titanic avoiding an ice-berg due to an app warning about hazards all the way through to someone Snapchatting Moses parting the Red Sea just so people will believe it happened…

phone history #phonesaregood gif1

There’s a strong sense of comedy and satire running through the advert – lampooning everything from online dating to Deliveroo – but who can argue that life is better when you can have food delivered to you without lifting more than your thumb?

Three|#PhonesAreGood|Branded Content

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  • Brooke says:

    Think this advert is disgusting don’t understand whats funny about the titanic part it was a tragic incident where many lost their lives

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you extremely bad taste, many many people lost their lives on titanic it should not be used to sell a product. should be removed from our screens

  • Paul F says:

    Disgraceful advert and as for the argument that ‘life is better when you can have food delivered to you without lifting more than your thumb? Glad I will not be around too long and have to rely on the brains of humans 🙁

  • Rachael Hildon says:

    Cannot believe that they used the Titanic as part of their advert…totally disrespectful to all the people who lost their lives!!!!! This advert should never have made it to screen…… furious and would go out of my way now never to use Three!!

  • Martin Anderson says:

    Incredible how advertisers continally look upon the Titanic tragedy as a source of light hearted satire. Happened just a few years ago with Red Bull ad and here we are again. Three should be ashamed – having no respect for the loss of lives and the feelings of relatives

  • Casey Cade says:

    Exactly my thoughts as soon as I saw the advert, very bad taste especially the fact that they steered the ship out of danger because they saw the iceberg on an app on their mobile phone. I can’t believe they thought that such a terrible tragedy where so many lives were lost would be a good idea for selling mobile phones. The person who made that advert seriously should reconsider their job role.

  • Alexa says:

    I also agree and have written to the ASA (advertising Standards Authority) – here is their web site if you want to do the same… Such a terrible tragedy and should NOT be used for a tv advert. Whomever thought this up is a fool with very poor taste. Disgusting!

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