The Wall Street Journal says you should ditch social media and “read yourself better” in this cool new ad.

We’re all familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed by news and politics on social media. Just spending 5 minutes on Facebook or Twitter can spend you into a spiral of confusion and stress. When news, ads and posts coming from all kinds of different sources are trying to pedal their own version of events on you, it can be all too much sometimes.

This Wall Street Journal Ad Says: Ditch Social Media And

In this ad, The Wall Street Journal shows us what that looks like through some pretty crazy visuals. They perfectly capture the fast-paced and disorientating world of the smartphone age. But then, at the end of the ad, we see someone calmly walking along looking down at their phone. How are they so relaxed? Well, it’s then revealed that they aren’t actually looking down at a smartphone at all. They’re actually looking down at a print version of the Wall Street Journal newspaper. It’s a reminder that there is an alternative way to consume news without being bombarded with loads of info. Sometimes the old ways are best.

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