Vox spends some time with expert VFX artist Niko Pueringer from Corridor Digital. He breaks down some of the best visual effects that were nominated for awards at this years Oscars.

He goes through big budget movies like The Irishman, The Lion King, 1917, Avengers and Star Wars. He critiques each film and points out the little details that we might’ve missed. His analysis of 1917 is particularly interesting as most people who saw that movie might not realise it has any CGI effects in it at all. It was removing filming equipment from shots that was their biggest challenge as their “one-shot style” filming required lots of heavy cameras and trucks on set.

This VFX Artist Breaks Down 5 Oscar Nominated Movies image of Corridor Digital

He also points out scenes that we thought were real, but were actually entirely CGI. He shows us a clip of a stormtrooper chase in Star Wars that most people would assume featured real actors and vehicles, but the troopers and their speeders were totally fake. Overall, he tells us how pleased he was with all of the films and is impressed with how far CGI tech has come in recent years.

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