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Private healthcare provider Bupa made this touching advert where they re-evaluate what “normal” is.

Feeling normal can be a complicated thing. What one person would consider to be typical behaviour or thinking might be different to another person’s definition. Sometimes we can be overly anxious, stressed or sad and not tell others how we’re feeling.  But when it all boils down to it, it’s OK to not feel OK. Bupa reminds us that, however we’re feeling, we should talk to others about it and if need be talk to a mental health professional about it as well.

This Touching Ad From Bupa Asks "Is It Normal?" image of Bupa

The powerful film shows us a wide range of different emotions and demonstrates how nuanced mental health issues can be. “Feeling down”  can encompass all kinds of different mindsets and moods. Bupa reminds us that it’s important to open up to others, even if it feels trivial. Making sure that your mental health is in a good place is vitally important and can be the difference between a negative state of mind and a happier one.

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