Prayer Hands Emoji is a short film from director Adam Tyree that takes aim at false platitudes that some people put out after tragedies that can sometimes feel misplaced.

In a connected world, any time a national tragedy happens, lots of people post condolence messages on social media. A lot of these come from a good place, but recently some people have been critical of these posts. They can sometimes be used to get a lot of likes, with the Notre Dame fire being a recent example of this.

This Short Film Criticises People Who Use Tragedies To Get Likes image of Prayer Hands Emoji

In this short film, we see a man post a status after he sees a tragedy on the news. When it doesn’t get any likes, he deletes it and posts another one. After that one doesn’t get any attention either, he decides to post a jokey, but inflammatory, status instead. Although it’s quite insensitive, the tweet gets a lot of traction, with some calling him out for being crass and other saying it’s funny. The film highlights how bad news can often be used as an excuse to get more likes. It points out how some people can use sad events as a cynical ploy to get more people clicking on their tweets.

Prayer Hands Emoji|Adam Tyree|Short Form

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