WIRED chat to Jeremy Mayer an artist who makes stunning sculptures out of nothing but old typewriters.

He takes them apart and then re-constructs them into entirely new things. He makes a wide variety of different items, from small mechanical birds to life-size models of humans. What’s even more impressive is that he doesn’t use any welding techniques or extra parts. Jeremy has to be incredibly resourceful, as the only thing that he allows himself to use in the process are typewriter parts.

This Man Makes Amazing Sculptures Out Of Old Typewriters image of typerwriters

His human sculptures take the longest out of everything. One human model can be made up of parts from at least 50 individual typewriters. As you can imagine, Jeremy has to always be on the lookout for cool-looking typewriters. But whilst most people would use them to create letters and scripts, Jeremy only uses them to create art. He reveals at the end of the interview that he doesn’t actually like typing with typewriters at all. It’s a strange twist of irony that someone who gets so much joy from typewriters doesn’t like using them for their actual purpose.

Jeremy Mayer|WIRED|Interviews

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