INSIDER find out what one of America’s most famous (albeit fictional) women, Barbie, would look like if she was actually real.

In this eye-opening video, Insider measure the plastic doll, then scale up her measurements and compare them to the national average. If Barbie was a real person, she would be unbelievably skinny, extremely dainty and would altogether look very strange indeed. In fact, rather than being an ideal beauty standard, only 1 in 100,000 adult women have measurements that are similar to Barbie’s.

This Is What Barbie Would Look Like In Real Life gif of barbie

In the video, they also scaled up “curvy Barbie’s” measurements too. Recently, Mattel released this more “realistic” version of Barbie, who was supposed to look more like an average American woman. Insider show us that, although curvy Barbie was closer to the average measurements, she was still a long way off a typical person. She was closer to the measurements of a skinnier-than-average woman, rather than a larger modern woman. It’s an eye-opening vid that gives a new perspective on the often controversial issue of weight and self-esteem in the US.


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