Bulgari reveals the fascinating life story of their founder Sotirio Bulgari in this stunning animated video.

The brand have been a huge name in the world of fashion for over a century. This video tells us how Sotirio started out making jewellery in Greece. The region he was from was renown for its talented silversmiths, so Sotirio was able to perfect the art of jewellery making at a young age. He took his creations across Greece and established a thriving business selling his goods. After honing his craft, he decided to set up his own shop in Naples. But when his store was robbed, he decided to move to Rome to set up a new shop there.

He arrived to the Italian capital with next to no money and quickly ran into trouble with the local police for selling without a permit. After coming to an agreement with the authorities, he was eventually able to establish a small shop, which quickly gained a reputation as one of the best jewellers in Rome. The animation then tells us how he was able to build his brand and become a well-known name across Europe.

Sotirio Bulgari|Bulgari|2D Animation

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