Bruce Daisley, the author of the book The Joy Of Work sets up a bad boss helpline in this funny ad.

In it, we hear real recorded calls from disgruntled employees who share stories about their nightmare bosses. One of them tells us about a boss who wouldn’t let employees sit down in their seats until they had made a sale. Another person said that their employer would bombard them with emails making sure that they weren’t slacking off by… using the toilet. Yeesh, they make David Brent look likeable, and that’s saying something…

This Funny Ad Sets Up A

To help these poor employees, Bruce has kindly promised to send a copy of his excellent book, The Joy Of Work to the boss of anyone who calls the hotline. The idea is that those nasty people will take some time to read it and realise that they don’t have to be a horrible so and so to get the best out of your staff. Have you got any horror stories like the people in the vid? Let us know yours down in the comments.

The Joy Of Work|Bad Boss Helpline|2D Animation

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