IKEA reveals the history of their famous meatballs in this hilarious vid. The homeware store are known for their tasty Swedish meatballs, which you can order in every one of their stores.

The store took a slightly different approach when they were coming up with the shopping experience that they wanted to offer customers. They decided to set up dedicated restaurants in their stores to serve hungry shoppers. They quickly gained popularity, thanks to their tasty dishes. But one dish stood above them all: the Swedish meatballs. It’s a local delicacy in Scandinavia, and IKEA introduced it to the world for the first time way back in 1985.

This Funny Ad Reveals The History Of IKEA's Swedish Meatballs gif of Swedish Meatballs

This video tells us about the history of the meatball in IKEA stores. We meet the inventor of the iconic dish and learn how he came up with the perfect recipe, one that’s still used to this day. It’s such a good recipe that some people will even go to IKEA just to get their hands on the meatballs. That shows you just how good they are. It’s a clever video that is really funny and also informative too.

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