This appeal from French charity Burns and Smiles wants to change the way that we view burns victims.

In this advert, we see a teenager who’s suffered from burns going about his day to day life. He goes to school and has a pretty typical day. We see him exchange a few fleeting glances with a girl in his classroom. The whole thing feels a bit like something out of a teen rom-com, as the two later meet up outside of the school gates and profess their feelings for each other.

This French Charity Wants To Change The Way That We See Burns Victims image of Burns and Smiles

As they share their first kiss, the text on the screen says “the only thing that you should find strange is that jumper” which references a garish knitted jumper the boy has been wearing throughout the ad. The appeal wants to normalise burns victims and show us that they’re no different from anyone else. Often, appeals for burns victims focuses on the negatives and paints a bleak picture. Burns and Smiles reminds us that an injury should never define someone’s life.

Burns and Smiles|Matheo|Charities And Causes

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