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After losing his leg in a racing accident, motorsport star Mike Schultz decided to build his own prosthetic, so that he could compete once again.

Mike was a skilled dirt and snow biker. He was quickly rising up to be one of the biggest names in the sport. But after his terrible accident he had try and race using a clunky false leg, which was given to him by a doctor and was primarily designed to help with walking. Spurred on by his passion for the sport, Mike created his own leg which was tailored to the needs that he had when he was racing on his bike.

It was so well designed that Mike was able to get back into competing and even branched out into other sports like snowboarding. Recently, Mike represented team USA in the winter Paralympics as a snowboarder. It’s an inspiring and moving doc from Great Big Story. It shows us the amazing things that we can achieve when we put our minds to it.

Mike Schultz|Great Big Story|Documentary

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