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Vox made this documentary where they show us how AI is evolving and will put journalists, writers and maybe even poets out of a job in the coming years.

At the moment, AI systems can predict what we might say next. The suggested words on messenger on our phones and emails are a good example of this. But anyone who’s actually used them knows that their not all that accurate. But that’s changing, fast. Vox shows us how AI programs are being trained to go through big sources of written word, like news articles and Wikipedia, and come up with realistic stories and content. Using just a few prompts, the AI can come up with prose that contains an incredible amount of detail and is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

This Doc Reveals How AI Will Write Books, New Articles And Tweets In The Future image of Vox

This tech could be used to run news sites, as the system could sweep the net for news and then write full-length articles, all without any human intervention. But the scarier application is from trolls. AI programs can be set up to constantly spam offensive views, radical ideas or political agendas in comment sections. People with fringe ideas could feel emboldened seeing this, or political figures could hugely overestimate the demand for controversial policies.

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