Hafod Hardware is a little shop in the middle of Wales. They’re no John Lewis, but their humble christmas ad for 2019 has racked up over 2 million views.

In it, we see a little boy running the Hafod Hardware shop. He wraps people presents (not that well), works the cashier and works out the yearly finances…with colouring books. It’s clear that the boy isn’t the best shopkeeper, but the customers that come in are really happy to see him anyway. It’s his personality that keeps the punters coming back.

This Cute Christmas Ad Was Made For £100. Now, It's Gone Massively Viral image of Hafod Hardware

At the end of the day, he locks up the shop and heads outside. He finds a huge xmas tree waiting for him. It’s about three times his size. How on Earth is he going to carry it home? Well, just as he goes to pick it up, he suddenly changes into a fully grown man. The ad ends by telling us to “be a kid” this christmas. The message of the ad is that we should never lose the kindness and innocence that we had as children. As we get older, we can all get a bit more cynical, but this ad reminds us to remember how we were when we were little kids, full of wonder and joy, excitement around the festive period.

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