Shintaro Okamoto teams up with Great Big Story and beer brand Coors Light to create an ice sculpture that literally “freezes” summer in time.

We all sometimes wish that summer could last forever. If only there was a way that we could freeze time and keep summer going on and on. Well, ice artist Shintaro Okamoto can’t quite promise that, but he can give us a pretty good alternative. In this video, he collects a few different items that represent summertime. Blooming flowers, flip flops, baseball bats and beers are just a few of the things that he freezes.

This Artist Makes Ice Sculptures That Keep Summer Frozen In Time ice gif

Shintaro walks us through how he creates the sculptures and how he manages to freeze all of the items in place perfectly. It’s an incredible process and in the end, he reveals six ice sculptures that each have items frozen inside them that you would associate with summer. It’s ironic that something cold and icy could represent the warm summer sunshine. The sculptures really do induce memories of warmer months when you look at them. It’s a really “cool” vid from Great Big Story and Coors Light.

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