Niceshit Studio made this charming animation that shows you all the new ways that you can greet people during Coronavirus without shaking hands.

We’ve all been told to wash our hands much more frequently, but it’s also important to keep an eye on what we’re doing with our hands as well. Experts have said that handshakes are a really easy way to pass on the virus. So, lots of people have come up with alternatives that still have the same sort of “feel” of a handshake but can be done without actually having to touch hands.

In this animation, we see 5 alternatives to the well-established handshake. First up is *the new classic* the elbow bump. It’s like an evolution of the fist bump. Next is the virtual hug, i.e texting someone in front of you a message that you want to hug them. Another contender is a simple nod (best reserved for awkward acquaintances) and, most stylish of all, is the reverse bow. The only hug that’s currently OK to do is “the astronaut” AKA an hug in outer space. Might be a bit tricky to do that one…

Nice Shit Studio|Alternative Greetings|2D Animation

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