The Drummer is an animation by Podenco that recreates one of the most famous drum solos of all time.

The recording is from a drum solo by Art Blakey that was taken during the performance of A Night In Tunisia in Belgium in 1958. In the Jazz era, a lot of love is given to artists who played the trumpet masterfully or were killer saxophonists, but the humble drummer is often ignored. This animation looks to give them the credit they deserve and celebrates the legendary drummer Art Blakey.

This Animation Recreates The Greatest Drum Solos Of All Time image of Podenco

The video uses a collage effect to re-create the fast-paced movements of Art. It’s a great artistic choice, as it really shows off the super quick style of the famous drummer. We’re really impressed by this one. We’d love to see the same sort of vid made for other drum solos. Although we reckon a heavy metal one might be a titch harder to do justice. What drum solo would you love to see re-created like this? Did you enjoy the animation? Let us know down in the comments below.

The Drummer|Podenco|2D Animation

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