Artist Dante Zaballa re-creates a person’s lucid dream in this eye-catching animation. Lucid dreams are a really cool subject and no ones really sure why they happen.

For those who don’t know, lucid dreaming is a phenomenon where someone becomes aware that they’re dreaming whilst they’re asleep. This allows them to interact with their dream and even control it. It’s basically like having a free virtual reality headset in your head. Some people might just have one or two lucid dreams in their life, but a select few can make themselves have lucid dreams every night.

In this animation, author Jenny Odell recounts one of her lucid dreams, which Dante then animates for her. What’s interesting is that for Jenny, she’s has so many lucid dreams that they’re not all that special anymore. Now, she spends the time in her dreams looking at things in detail and spotting little “mistakes”. It’s fascinating to see the dream world that our brains create and how they sometimes can get things wrong. It’s sort of like your brain creates it’s own little version of the The Matrix, albeit with a few more slip-ups.

Lucid Dreaming|Dante Zaballa|Animation

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