The Postman by visual artist Tom Kariv follows the day-to-day route of one lonely postman.

Despite the fact that he’s carrying everyone’s correspondence to each other, he has no one to talk to. He walks around an isolated desert-like setting and doesn’t see anyone throughout his route. He’s clearly pretty lonely and the bare landscape around him reflects his solitary existence.

It’s a short film that captures the feelings of loneliness that can be had by some people in certain jobs. When you’re a postman, you might not see speak to anyone for days as you don’t really have any colleagues to chat to. The animation uses a really simple art style that made up of straight lines that highlight the fact that he’s on his own. It’s an impressive short film that shows creatives how to make a lot out of an incredibly simplistic art style. The film also uses a subtle visual technique of framing things in rectangles, which is a metaphor for the way that the main character feels trapped by the rectangular envelopes that contain the letters that he’s delivering.

The Postman|Tom Kariv|2D Animation

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