Cox Communications show us the importance of connecting with our grandparents in this moving advert.

Nowadays, people often say that smartphones and smart devices are pushing people apart. They say that now, everyone is buried in their phones and that we don’t communicate with each other anymore. But in this ad, we see how smart tech can help us to connect more, not less. Cox show us how they helped Larry, an elderly man who was recently widowed. They show us how they used tech helped him to feel less isolated.

This Ad Shows Us The Importance Of Connecting With Our Grandparents image of Grandparents

The communications firm show Larry how to use Facebook and other social platforms to connect with his granddaughter. Larry films daily messages to his granddaughter, often reminiscing on old stories from his youth. It’s a charming ad that reminds us of the importance of communication and how technology can help to connect us. The ad looks to send a message to people that often say that the new information age has made us anti-social and reclusive. It shows us how it can open up a whole new social world for some people, especially older people who might otherwise be left on their own.

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