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Have you ever wished you could take a break from your smartphone? Wish you could unplug, shut off all your notifications and get some peace and quiet? Well, The New Zealand Transport Agency make that dream a reality in this new ad.

In it, we see smartphone addicted people glued to their screens. They’re so immersed that they don’t see anything around them. At first, they look happy, as they surf the web and chat to friends. But as the ad goes on, the pings, buzzes and bleeps get more and more intrusive and much more annoying. The noises gets louder and louder until they’re almost unbearable.

Then, we see a woman in a parked car switch off her phone, turn on her radio as she sets off on a nice relaxing (and smartphone free!) drive. The point of the ad is to encourage people to keep their phones switched off and out of sight when they’re driving. This ad is trying to tell us that we should see our cars as a haven where we can be far away from the buzzes and blips of our smartphones.

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