Soccer Without Borders shows us how girls can smash through stereotypes with soccer in this awesome ad.

Girls all over the world have stereotypes and sexist ideas thrusted upon them from a really young age. Before they’ve even become teenagers, they’ve already been told how women “should act” and they’re told that sports like football are for boys only. The girls in this ad, they’ve all come from different countries from around the world as well. Not only do they have to deal with sexist attitudes of people, but they also have to fight against xenophobia too.

These Girls (Literally) Smash Through Stereotypes With Soccer image of soccer

But, on the field, they let their skills do the talking. When these girls are smashing in goals, no one can tell them that they’re “not good enough”. In this ad, we see all of the bad things that people have said to them stacked up as concrete blocks, sitting in the goal. One by one, they take shots, each so powerful that the words that once held so much strength begin to crumble and fall apart. It’s a powerful and touching advert that reminds us of the positive impact sport can have on people.

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