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Price comparison site MoneySuperMarket.com have continued their hugely successful campaign which sees them taking classic toys and giving them a bit of a remix (who could forget the dancing Action Man advert from earlier this year).


This time it’s the British Sindy doll that gets a turn, taking part in an all-toy reconstruction of the car-chase/cliff-dive scene from Thelma and Louise.

#epicsindy advert moneysupermarket [official] gif1

Beginning in a copy-and-paste suburban neighbourhood of identical dolls mowing lawns and putting out laundry, the advert sees the two heroines sacking everything off to speed across the desert blasting Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way, with incredulous toy cops in pursuit.


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  • David Parchot says:

    This is a brilliant adaptation of a great and moving story, but it worries me that it is not only promoting freedom of choice for consumers, it is virtually a celebration of suicide. I think there may be some viewers in a difficult place in their lives who might interpret this advert as an encouragement to choose the ultimate tragic option to escape suffering and pain. Hence whilst I love the artistic quality of this advert I believe the application of the sad Thelma and Louise dilemma to the lives of ordinary people is alarmingly irresponsible and should not have been allowed!

  • Claire Burgess says:

    The movie has already happened it’s a classic and so is Sindy Bring back the ad pleeease!!!

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