The World Wildlife Foundation made this fake video game where they bust some myths about deforestation.

The process of deforestation is a bit like a depressing version of Tetris. Loggers seek out new areas of woodland and ruthlessly clear them out, often putting local habitats at risk. It’s an issue most people are aware of, but not everyone knows the true causes of it. It seems simple enough, we need to clear woodland to use the trees for things like paper and to make room for housing and land for farming, right?

Well it’s actually quite a bit more complicated than that. The use of land for things like farming soy beans, palm oil and other products that require much larger bits of land takes up the lion’s share of the cause. So it’s not just farming in general, but the farming of a select few products, some of which have simple alternatives. Other myths are busted in the video and it ends by telling you that the biggest myth of all is that you can’t help. We all have the power to help end deforestation.

WWF|Deforestation|2D Animation

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