Black Sheep Films take us inside the world’s wildest theme park in this awesome video. Would you take a spin on any of these wacky rides?

Ok, we’ve got a confession. We admit it, the rides in the theme park aren’t actually real. The special effects team manipulated shots of real life rides and made them do impossible things. On one rollercoaster, they made the carriages 40 feet long. On another ride, they took out a whole chunk of the track, meaning that riders float through the air at one point. They also create the world’s trippiest ferris wheel too.

The World's Wildest Theme Park image of theme park

The short film is called Beautiful Chaos. It blends everyday objects with strange surrealism. The team behind the video specialise in making films where the world as we know it is flipped on its head. It’s amazing to see such an odd looking theme park that looks like it could actually exist in real life. We’re really blown away with the special effects in this video. It’s another excellent vid from Black Sheep Films.

World’s Best Theme Park|Black Sheep Films|Short Form

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