How far would you travel for a nice cup of tea? A ten minute walk to a cafe? 20 minutes to the supermarket? How about a day-long trek up a 6000ft mountain?

If you picked the last answer, you need to book a trip to mount Hua in China. This mountain is famed for its steep drops and breath taking views. But it’s also known for its tea house, located right at the mountain’s peak. It’s located inside of a Taoist temple. In Taoism, the drinking of tea is very important. It’s a key part of their spirituality and they believe that it can prevent illness and disease.

The World's Most Remote Tea House image of tea

People have been drinking tea here for over 1000 years. There truly isn’t another tea house quite like it anywhere in the world. In this doc, we meet Zhihong Yang, who’s been guiding people up the mountain for over 20 years. He walks us through the long journey to the top and tells us just how tiring the trip can be. He tells us that the hard trip is all worth it in the end though. Just wait till you take that first refreshing sip of the tasty tea at the top, he says.

Mount Hua|Great Big Story|Documentary

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