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Great Big Story chat to Luca Iaconi-Stewart who creates huge, intricate paper aeroplanes. These aren’t the kind you’d make it school to chuck at a teacher, these are something else!

Luca studies the designs of real planes and re-creates perfect paper versions of them. It’s not just the outside either, he creates every chair, every suitcase and every tiny detail of the aircraft. He even puts toilet roll in the loos! Amazing! He used to just make simpler versions of planes, but over time, he wanted to challenge himself more and more. He needed to take things to the next level. He wanted to create a plane that was truly a smaller, paper version of the real thing!

The World's Most-Detailed Paper Aeroplane image of plane

Luca’s creations are made entirely of paper. There’s no metal wiring holding everything in place, it’s an amazing feat! Each plane takes a really really long time to make and Luca makes sure that each one is something special. He’s made all sorts of different planes, with a big focus on famous airlines. He’s done all of the big companies, from British Airways to Singapore Airlines.

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