Italian band The Wingman made this cute animated music vid for their new track BASH.

In it, we follow the day to day routine of a human-like owl. He’s got a pretty typical 9-5 boring office job. He wakes up first thing in the morning, makes himself breakfast, drives to work, puts in his shift, comes home, goes to bed. It’s a really monotonous schedule and he seems really bored and stuck in his ways. It looks like there’s no hope for the poor little owl.

But then, he starts spending more time with his girlfriend. The two are madly in love and brighten up each other’s days. Once he starts seeing her more, his world changes and it’s no longer boring and dull. The music video uses psychedelic visuals to show us just how happy the owl is when he’s with his partner. It’s a really cute music video that uses a gorgeous animation style. More artists are using animation to make really creative and interesting music videos. We say, keep em’ coming, they’re awesome to watch.

The Wingman|BASH|Animation

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