To celebrate their 75 anniversary, the UN made this documentary where they get different people from around the world to discuss the most pressing issues in their country.

We hear from voices from all four corners of the globe. They talk about a range of different problems that they’re facing. For some, it’s about financial inequality and insecurity, for others they face discrimination and racism, but they all agree that climate change is one of the most important threats of all.

Despite all coming from disparate places, they all find common ground to agree on. Although many of the challenges that communities and countries are quite unique, a lot of the solutions can work anywhere. It’s the innovations and determination of ordinary people that can help solve lots of the problems that the world faces. The UN has achieved so much since it was first founded, let’s hope the next 75 years can be as transformative as the last. It’s a great doc that takes us inside the everyday lives of people that we don’t usually hear from.

United Nations|#VoiceYourOpinion|Documentary

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