Everything looks better in slow-motion right? Well, YouTube channel The Slo Mo Guys and Will Smith put that theory to the test in this exciting video.

Following the themes of Will’s new movie, Gemini Man, the actor uses different weapons to kill other “versions” of himself. By other versions, we mean a mannequin with a cardboard cutout of Will’s head placed on top. Firstly, he wields a katana and slices clean through a helpless watermelon. The he moves onto using the big stuff, a massive flamethrower.

The Slo Mo Guys And Will Smith Play With A Flamethrower image of Will Smith

Those mannequins aren’t long for this world, as Will blasts them with the heat of the flamethrower. We get to watch all of this back in slow-motion and it looks like something that’s straight out of a blockbuster action movie. Finally, Will’s given a potato gun and tries to smash a car window with it. He does manage to crack the windshield, but doesn’t manage to break it fully. It’s a really cool video from the Slo Mo Guys and Will. Seeing some of the effects that are in movies used in this way is really entertaining.

Will Smith|The Slo Mo Guys|Film

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