The London Science Museum hear Buzz Aldrin’s account of The Moon landing in the fascinating interview.

In it, Buzz walks us through what the moon landing was like from his perspective. We’ve all read the story in history books countless times, but what is it like to really experience it for yourself? Buzz tells us about the difficult initial landing and what it felt like to take the very first steps on The Moon. Interestingly, neither Buzz or Neil Armstrong really knew what the Moon’s gravity would feel like before stepping off the space shuttle.

The Science Museum Hear Buzz Aldrin's Story Of The Moon Landing image of The Moon

Buzz tells us that people at home might’ve just thought he was jumping around on The Moon for fun, but really he was showing us just how easy it is to walk on The Moon’s surface. The interview gives us a totally unique look into what it was like to be one of the first people ever to explore somewhere far from Earth. We’ve all heard the story of The Moon landing before, but this interview takes us into the shoes (or moon boots) of one of the people who was actually there themselves.

Buzz Aldrin|The Science Museum|Interviews

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