The North Face joins two skiers as they climb up the fourth highest mountain in the world, the Lhotse and then ski back down it.

The Lhotse sits right next to Mount Everest. Although Everest is far larger, the Lhotse is a colossal mountain as well. Its peak is over 24,000 feet above sea level. Although many people have reached the summit over the years, no one has ever skied down it. The descent is over 7000 feet and is extremely dangerous and hard to navigate.

The North Face Follows Two Skiers Up 4th Highest Mountain In The World image of The North Face

In this incredible documentary, we follow two climbers as they attempt to summit the mountain and then successfully ski down it, making them the first people in the world to do so. It’s an inspiring story that shows us just how far humans can push themselves and the amazing things that can be achieved through hard work and tireless dedication. Credit to The North Face for making such a powerful and ambitious documentary. We’re really blown away by this one.

The North Face|Lhotse|Documentary

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