The National Health Service brings us this overly dramatic advert that highlights how we can be bit too quick to jump to conclusions sometimes.

When we’ve got a dodgy cough, a random ache or a painful rash, we can end up worrying ourselves to death. A quick search on Google can make things ten times worse, as the results tell us that we’re pretty much done for. A trip to A&E it is then, right?

Well the NHS imagines a world where our over-the-top responses would result in us crying out for a… pharmacist. Hmm, not exactly Casualty then. The point of the ad is to remind people in the UK to chat to their pharmacist before going to a GP or A&E if they have minor symptoms. Along with its 111 service, it’s part of the NHS’ drive to reduce the number of people unnecessarily receiving emergency care. Although they stress that you should never hesitate to call 999 in an emergency, if your symptoms are pretty mild you should consider other options first.

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