The National Football League tells us that they’re ready for some explosive games as the NFL gears up to begin their 100th season of American football.

In the ad, we get an intense view inside the player’s training schedules, the fans excitement and the anticipation for the new season. American football is almost like a religion for the fans and the players. It is known for being one of the most intense sports in the world and commands a huge following. This promo perfectly captures the raw and passionate feel of the NFL and it’s massive fanbase.

The NFL Says

It comes as the NFL celebrates 100 years since it was first founded. The first season kicked off all the way back in 1920. Nowadays, the NFL has the highest average match attendance of any professional sports league in the world. This promo looks to celebrate the underdogs of the game and wants to show us that everyone is welcome in the modern game of American football. The ad has got us pumped for a new season of sport and is the perfect way to get people hyped for all the games to come.

NFL|We Ready|Sports

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