The Nerdwriter looks at the origin of zombies in films in this awesome video essay. We’re all familiar with zombies, they’re the movie monster that keeps coming back from the dead, both literally in the movies and as a horror genre trope

But where did the idea of the zombie first come from? In this video, we learn about where the original idea of the zombie came from and how it was linked to ideas around Haitian voodoo. When American film makers took those ideas to Hollywood, we got the first zombie films in the 1930s. The first movies had a lot of racist overtones though. But in the 1960s, films like Night Of The Living Dead shifted the genre the movie monster away from those old ideas and closer to the modern zombie that we know today.

The Nerdwriter Looks At The Origin Of Zombies In Horror Films image of Nerdwriter

It’s a fascinating video that examines a movie monster icon that we all love, but one that we don’t really know all that much about. It’s the latest of The Nerdwriter’s brilliant video essays about film. Any film lovers should definitely check out his great YouTube channel and videos.

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