The Royal Ocean Film Society takes a look into the work of legendary visual artist Saul Bass. He was known for creating some of the most iconic and influential movie posters ever and his designs changed the world of cinema forever.

Saul started his career in making movie posters during the 50s and 60s. At the time, posters tried to cram as much visual information in as possible. In a world where trailers weren’t as commonplace, the movie poster was often the biggest marketing ploy film makers could use to get bums on seats. But Saul took the brave move of creating movie posters that were much more subtle and stripped back.

The Movie Posters That Changed Cinema Forever image of Movie posters

He developed a unique style where he would say a lot with a little. Instead of bombarding you with the faces of actors and complex landscapes, he would simply present you with an idea. More so, a feeling. He wanted the people who looked at the poster to have a sense for what to expect, whilst also being totally unaware of what really lay ahead for them. In this animation, we get to look at some of his most iconic work and learn how he changed the idea of what a movie poster should look like, as well as what it could look like…

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