The Porsche museum gets robbed in this action-packed ad called “The Heist”.

In it, we go inside Porsche’s historic museum in Germany. Almost every one of their cars is in this amazing building. We see a robber taking new Taycan out of the museum, but it hits a trip wire, which sets off the alarm, alerting the security guards of the break in. As the car speeds off, they all quickly jump in the vehicles that are on display to chase after it. After all, what’s better to catch a Porsche than well… a Porsche?

As they race after their thief, it’s clear that they’re enjoying the chase quite a lot. Although one of their prized possessions is in danger, the guards can’t help but smile as they whip round the city’s streets. They end up way up in the mountains and finally manage to corner the criminal. When he takes off his mask, it’s revealed that it’s actually one of the security guards. He asks who wants to “play the bad guy next?”. It’s a funny ad that indulges our childish side and shows that the car brand knows how to have a laugh.

The Heist|Porsche|Ads and Promos

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