The Guardian tell us how soil will save the world in this fascinating documentary. We know what you’re thinking, a documentary about soil doesn’t sound all that interesting. But there’s more going on beneath the surface than you might think.

In this doc, The Guardian speaks to climate scientists and farmers about soil and find out just what it’s made up of. It’s packed full of living organisms and is actually quite a lot more complicated than most people realise. Often, we just see soil as dirt and don’t really think about its importance. But if a country ends up ruining all its soil, it can lose the ability to farm new food, making your the whole country totally infertile.

The Guardian Tell Us How Soil Will Save The World gif of soil

And that’s exactly what’s happening around the world right now. The Guardian show us that, despite its importance, countries across the globe are ruining their soil through building and over-farming. Worse still, soil absorbs CO2 in the atmosphere, so all of this is making climate change worse too. In this doc, we learn about some of the solutions that scientists are coming up with to fix this issue and save our soil as well as our planet.

The Guardian|Climate Change|Documentary

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