The Guardian travels to the African country of Sudan to meet a young woman who’s breaking down barriers through her music.

Mina La Voilée is an aspiring artist who’s leading the way for female rappers in Sudan. She wants to break down the image of what a typical Muslim woman looks like and wants to show people in her country that you can have a strong faith as a woman whilst also pursuing a successful career in music. Her music tackles the issues that many people in her homeland are too scared to talk about.

The Guardian Introduces Us To A Female Rapper Who's Breaking Taboos In Sudan image of The Guardian

She wants to bring attention to the darker elements of life in Sudan. Child marriage and infant neglect is very common here. Worse still, young women are far more likely to be at risk from domestic violence and sexual assault as well. Mina wants to be a voice for those women who are voiceless. She says that she hopes to inspire other girls to take up rapping as well and bring to light the serious issues in her country.

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