Netflix released this awesome trailer for their new documentary The Great Hack. This doc looks at the impact that “Big Data” is having on our lives in 2019.

The main focus on the documentary is the data brokerage firm Cambridge Analytica. After a series of leaks a the came out a few years ago, the firm was found to have influenced numerous elections from around the world. For the first time, people were shown just how much data was being collected about them and everyone started asking serious questions about the morality of extreme data mining.

The Great Hack - Check Out The Trailer For The Futuristic Netflix Doc image of The great back

The Great Hack is the latest in-depth doc to come out of Netflix. The streaming service has been hitting it out of the park over the past few years when it comes to creating amazing documentaries that have a really wide appeal. Their documentary about Fyre Festival from last year was a massive hit. It took a complicated news story and made it easy, accessible and, most importantly, really fun to watch. Let’s see if they can capture lightning in a bottle for a second time with The Great Hack.

The Great Hack|Netflix|Trailers

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