The UK Department For Transport reminds us that we should be considerate of others when using public transport in this animated ad.

The appeal uses a song to let us know that we might be unintentionally upsetting others when we’re using trains, buses and the Underground. Sometimes, when we’re rushing around we can cause issues for those with disabilities. In this video, people are turned into animals that represent their negative attitudes. A fed up commuter who shoves past a blind person becomes an angry bull, a pair rudely tutting someone at a turnstile become llamas and people incorrectly sitting on priority seats become tortoises.

The video points out that we might not realise that we’re not being the best versions of ourselves. Getting around on public transport can be a stressful experience, but the Department For Transport reminds us not to take out our frustrations on others and to remember that disabled people sometimes require a bit more patience from us. It’s a touching appeal that shines a light on an important issue.

Department Of Transport|It’s Everyone’s Journey|2D Animation

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