Vox looks into the melody that’s been in hundreds of movies, especially Horror films. It’s a story that dates back hundreds of years.

The melody is from a Gregorian chant, written in the 13th century called Dies Irae. It means “day of wrath” in latin, and is about the day where God will destroy the Earth and send the good to heaven and the evil to hell. The main melody in the chant became a common feature of funerals and over time, it’s creeped into modern movies as well.

The Creepy Melody That's In All Your Favourite Movies image of Dies Rae

In the very first silent movies, during sad scenes this melody would often be played by the live pianists who played music to accompany the pictures on screen. It became an iconic sound. But the funny thing is that most audiences don’t even know that the song and melody exists. It’s been used in modern movies like The Shining, the death scene in the Lion King and in many other films as well. It’s something that you probably never noticed before, but now, you won’t be able to help yourself spotting it in loads of your fave movies.

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