Bugatti breaks the 300 miles per hour speed record for a semi-production car in this awe-inspiring video.

The French car makers smashed the speed record for a production car back in 2010 when their Bugatti Veyron vehicle reached speeds of 258 miles per hour. At the time it seemed impossible and no one ever thought that they would be able to top that speed again. But Bugatti proved everyone wrong. They didn’t improve the speed by 10, 20 or 30 miles per hour, they broke the record again by a staggering 46 miles per hour.

It’s an incredible achievement and demonstrates the amazing abilities of the team at Bugatti. The video is exciting to watch and shows us all the hard work that went into creating the car and how they got it to go this fast. If after seeing this if you fancy buying one of these for yourself, we’ve got some bad news for you. You’ll have to cough up 2,400,000 Euros for the privilege. Yikes, that is one hefty price tag. But for a record-breaking car like this, maybe it’s worth it…

Bugatti|Bugatti Chiron|Big Brands

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