We’ve complied our favourite vids from the last seven days and put them all here for you to enjoy. So, here (in no particular order) is our list of the best videos of the week.

Nike – Airmax: 1990 To 2090

Nike released this brilliant doc that examines the history of their iconic Air Max shoe, ahead of the latest iteration in the series, the Air Max 2090.

The shoe has gone through many style changes, but throughout the redesigns, it’s kept its iconic air bubble. Back in the early 90s, many of Nike’s shoes used air padding inside the sole. Although it was a revolutionary design technique, no one really knew about it, as every bubble was hidden inside the shoe. For the Air Max 90, Nike wanted to cut away a small bit of the sole to reveal the air bubble. It would be the first time a shoe featured a totally transparent section and was really ambitious.

Air Max 2090|Nike|Documentary

Joyner Lucas – Will

Rapper Joyner Lucas remakes all of Will Smiths’ best movies in the music video for “Will”.

It’s from Joyner’s new album ADHD and he pays homage to his role model in his lyrics. Will Smith’s characters were role models to lots of kids in the 90s and many people looked up to the witty actor. For lots of young black Americans, Will provided TV with some much needed representation and opened the door for many aspiring black actors in Hollywood.

Joyner Lucas Remakes Will Smith's Best Movies In The Music Video For "Will" image of Will

Joyner Lucas|Will|Music Videos

Jack Daniel’s – With Love

Jack Daniel’s shows us how people are keeping themselves cheery and entertained in this charming advert.

In it, we see people from all around the world communicating through video chats. They play virtual games of chess, perform virtual gigs and host at-home pub quizzes. On top of that, those who’re living with friends or with their partners, have also come up with unique ways to keep themselves busy. Playing on self-made ping pong tables and chatting to neighbours over balconies are two ways people are having some face-to-face fun.

Jack Daniel's Show Us How People Are Staying Entertained Indoors image of Jack Daniels

Jack Daniel’s|With Love|Ads and Promos

Insider – Learn To Cut Your Own Hair

Insider speaks to a barber on a video chat to see if he can teach an average bloke how to cut his own hair.

Since we’ve all been spending a bit more time indoors lately, some of us have tried our hand at cutting our own hair. Lots of men have decided to bravely go for a number one and shave it all off. Easy enough right? But what if that’s not your style? What if you want something a bit more hip?

Insider|Haircut At Home|Interviews

Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth Trailer

Apple TV released this lovely trailer for their new animated short film Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth.

The film will feature the voices of Chris O’Dowd, Ruth Negga, Jacob Tremblay and Meryl Streep. The story follows two parents as they tell their young son about the wonders of Planet Earth. Through reading books, exploring bits of their city and talking to other people, the boy becomes obsessed with seeing as much of the planet as possible.

Here We Are|Apple TV|3D Animation

Norway’s Hazmat Booksellers

The Guardian brings us this awesome doc where they meet a pair of Norwegian booksellers who are keeping people reading during Coronavirus.

Pil Cappelen Smith and Anders Cappelen own a popular bookshop in the centre of Oslo. When they heard that people were being told to stay indoors, they were concerned that their business might not survive. Bookstores are already under pressure anyway, so they had to come up with a innovative and safe way to keep their business going.

Norway's Hazmat Booksellers Are Keeping People Reading During Coronavirus image of The Guardian

Norway Hazmat Booksellers|The Guardian|Documentary

NIKI – Switchblade Music Video

NIKI released this trippy music video for her new single “Switchblade”. The talented singer takes us into a futuristic forest. It’s like nothing we’ve seen before…

She travels across a gorgeous psychedelic landscape that looks a little bit like the planet from Avatar. She interacts with all sort of amazing animals and lifeforms. She sees stunning deers with lit-up antlers and walks under neon waterfalls. It’s probably what the music video for Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds would’ve looked like if they had had CGI and HD cameras back in 1967.

NIKI|Switchblade|Music Videos

Facebook – We’re Never Apart If We Can Find Each Other

Facebook reminds us how important it is for us to stay connected at the moment in this moving ad.

During these tough times, we’ve seen lots of people going above and beyond to help others. Although it’s been a difficult period there have been countless moments of kindness seen around the world. In this ad, we see some of the best things that people have been doing to help over the past few weeks. The video is narrated by poet Kate Tempest, as she reads out sections from her spoken word piece “People’s Faces”.

Facebook Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Communication In This Ad image of Facebook

Facebook|Never Lost|Ads and Promos

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