We’ve complied our favourite vids from the last seven days and put them all here for you to enjoy. So, here (in no particular order) is our list of the best videos of the week.

WWF – Adopt A Better Future

The World Wildlife Fund tells you to adopt a better future in this moving stop-motion ad.

In it, we see a jaguar running through a dense jungle. Its natural habitat is being burned and cut down by massive bulldozers. Just when it looks like there’s no hope for the poor creature, a young girl emerges from the distance. She stands in front of the truck with other people and manages to stop it in its tracks. By focusing her mind, she’s able to deconstruct the vehicle, rendering it useless.

WWF Tells You To

WWF|Christmas Ad 2019|Charities and Causes

Motorola Bring Back The Razr For 2019

Phone brand Motorola announced a new version of their classic Razr handset in this cool ad.

Folding phones have been a hot topic of 2019, but so far no one has really been able to perfect the formula. Fragile hinges, dodgy software and high prices have taken the wind out of the sails of this new idea. But then, Motorola, the creators the Razr, one of the most iconic flip phone of all time, stepped into the ring.

Motorola|Motorola Razr|Ads and Promos

Gucci’s Christmas Getaway

Gucci takes us on a sunny winter holiday in this super cool ad.

Now that the weather is getting a bit chillier, you could be forgiven for ditching the dull, grey skies and packing up your bags to go to warmer shores. If you can’t quite afford that you can always tag along with Gucci in this commercial. Join them as they frolic around the decks of a flash cruise ship, heading to an exotic desert island. Even Santa takes a break and comes along for the ride.

Gucci Goes On A Sunny Winter Break In This Short Fashion Film image of Gucci


Leonard Cohen  – Before He Passed

The New Yorker spoke to Leonard Cohen one month before he died in 2016. They took his words and made this incredible animation with them.

Cohen talks about how he’s preparing for death and how his views on life and mortality have changed over the years. Like a lot of rock musicians, Cohen was always conscious of ideas around his legacy. He was his own worst critic, constantly telling himself how he was messing things up.

Watch This Stunning Animated Interview From The New Yorker With Leonard Cohen image of Leonard Cohen

The New Yorker|Leonard Cohen|2D Animation

Nike – Dance For Good

Nike introduces us to the women that are using dance as a way to empower themselves and other women around them in this great ad.

In the commercial, we meet young women from dance crews that are competing in the Serious London tournament. In this contest, they go head to head and see who will come out on top. But underneath that rivalry is a passion for their local communities. For these women, their crews work as a way to empower the people around them and make them feel like they are part of something  bigger. When they’re facing adversity or discrimination, they know that they have somewhere that they can turn to to find solitude.

Nike - How Women Are Using Dance To Empower Themselves image of Nike

Nike|All For 1|Ads and Promos

Wallace And Gromit Deck The Halls

Aardman Animations made this great advert starring Wallace and Gromit for the clothes shop Joules.

In the commercial, we see Wallace setting up all of his decorations, ready for the festive period. True to form though, he uses all sorts of weird and wacky adventures to put them up. His tree drops down out of the ceiling, his fire (quite dangerously) lights itself and his pictures on the wall change themselves to display more christmassy vistas.

Wallace and Gromit Star In This Cute Ad For Joules image of Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit|Joules|Stop-Motion

The Worst Mountain Rangers Ever

Hors Piste, or “off track” in English, is a charming 3D animated short film about two inept rangers who are on a mission to save a skier who stuck at the top of a mountain.

It’s directed by Leo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert & Oscar Malet and takes place high in the French mountains. After finding the skier, the two rangers put him in a tight sleeping bag and only his eyes and nose are exposed. They then plop him on a stretcher and begin the treacherous decent down the face of the mountain.

Hors Piste|Off Track|3D Animation

NHL – Take Notice

EA released this awesome animated promo for the latest instalment in their hockey gaming franchise NHL 20. The ad blends the NBA, NFL and NHL together, as basketball stars and American football stars feature in this ad.

Kyle Lowry, Adam Thielen and JuJu Smith-Schuster are now playable characters in the game. Gamers can buy new outfits that are inspired by the behemoths of other sports. They’ve each had personalised hockey jerseys made, which you can buy in the game and in real life. The idea is to take big names from other popular sports and meld them with the world of hockey and the NHL.

Watch This Epic Animated Promo For NHL 20 image of NHL 20

NHL 20|Take Notice|2D Animation

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