We’ve complied our favourite vids from the last seven days and put them all here for you to enjoy. So, here (in no particular order) is our list of the best videos of the week.

The Bad Boss Helpline

Bruce Daisley, the author of the book The Joy Of Work sets up a bad boss helpline in this funny ad.

In it, we hear real recorded calls from disgruntled employees who share stories about their nightmare bosses. One of them tells us about a boss who wouldn’t let employees sit down in their seats until they had made a sale. Another person said that their employer would bombard them with emails making sure that they weren’t slacking off by… using the toilet. Yeesh, they make David Brent look likeable, and that’s saying something…

This Funny Ad Sets Up A

The Joy Of Work|Bad Boss Helpline|2D Animation

Friends Of The Earth – Don’t Panic

The environmental group Friends Of The Earth made this dramatic advert where they tell you to not worry about climate change.

It features Jasmine Jobson, star of the hit TV show Top Boy. She wakes up in the middle of the night and runs out of her house at top speed. She belts it down her street and even runs through someone’s house just to save a few seconds. We see her chasing a lorry, but it’s going way too fast for her to catch up with it. She takes a few shortcuts and eventually leaps on top of the lorry from an overhead bridge.

Friends Of The Earth|Don’t Panic|Charities And Causes

The Old Spice Man Meets His Son

The famous Old Spice man meets his son in this funny advert.

The icon of advertising first came onto our screens 10 years ago and has been making us laugh for years. The original ad was one of the most viewed promos of the 2000’s and spawned countless parodies and impressions. The vid got over 50 million views on YouTube and was one of the best viral moments of the decade.

Old Spice|Old Spice Man|Ads and Promos

Turning London Into LA For “Rocketman”

The team behind the Elton John film Rocketman reveals how they were able to turn soggy London into sunny, 1970s LA in this video from Vanity Fair.

The movie was based on real events in Elton John’s life, so they had to make sure that they got all of the locations spot on and era-accurate. They built the famous Troubadour club from scratch and created an entire street around it as well. They also made sure that the interior was perfect and was laid out exactly like the real club was.

Vanity Fair: How The Team Behind

Vanity Fair|Rocketman|Film

James Blunt – Monsters

James Blunt made this powerful music video for Monsters which is a moving goodbye to his seriously ill father.

The singer told his fans that his dad urgently needed a kidney transplant and that he’s preparing for a situation where he will not recover. He wrote this song and shot this music video as a way to say goodbye to his father, if the worst happened. The one-shot film has James looking directly at the viewer, telling us how important his dad is to him and how he wants to stay strong during this awful time.

James Blunt Gives His Dad A Powerful Message In The Music Video For

James Blunt|Monsters|Music Videos

SAISONS – Hugo Manhes

Hugo Manhes made this incredible short film SAISONS which follows extreme athletes as they tackle land, air and sea.

The video starts off in dramatic style, as a person jumps down from a ski lift and starts whipping down a mountain at full speed. They slide around with ease, pulling off some amazing backflips and jumps. Then, the snow starts to clear and we see a person on a mountain bike racing across the mountain top. As it starts to descend, they ride over jumps and get some serious air.

Short Film SAISONS Takes Us On A Trip Across Land, Sky And Sea image of Saisons

SAISONS|Hugo Manhes|Sports

Take A Lyft With Will Smith

Will Smith teams up with taxi service Lyft to give strangers a drive around Miami.

The video is a promo for the new Bad Boys movie. Will gets the passengers to do their best impressions of hardened police officers. He asks them to show off their best “cop voices” and asks them how they would take down a perp. In true action movie style, Will also speeds the car around the winding streets of Miami, pulling off hairpin turns and doughnuts.

Will Smith Gives Strangers A Ride With Lyft image of Lyft

Will Smith|Lyft|Ads and Promos

Star Wars: The Clones Wars Season 7 Trailer

Disney+ released this exciting trailer for the seventh and final season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars spin off.

The show has attracted a passionate cult following and has been praised for its unique storytelling and stunning art style. Some say that the show’s take on the much maligned prequel trilogy helped to restore their love for the franchise. After acquiring the rights to the entire Star Wars trademark, Disney announced that they would be reviving the series for one last season. The hype around it is massive, as fans from around the world are buzzing to see their favourite characters back in the spotlight.

Disney+ Released This Trailer For The Final Series Of Star Wars: The Clone Wars image of The Clone Wars

Disney+|Star Wars: The Clone Wars|Trailers

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