We’ve complied our favourite vids from the last seven days and put them all here for you to enjoy. So, here (in no particular order) is our list of the best videos of the week.

Foals Kick Off Summer With “In Degrees”

UK indie band Foals released this super summery music video for their new song In Degrees. In this vid, we’re transported to a sunny, vibrant setting.

The band are fittingly kitted out in summery shirts and are playing in the glorious sunlight. As their outdoor gig goes on, more and more people start walking towards them, with the video turning from a chilled music sesh into a crazy summer party! Foals look like they’re putting on a really fun show, as the crowd gets bigger and bigger and wilder and wilder!

In Degrees|Foals|Music Videos

Creating Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” In Makeup

Allure get three different makeup artists to re-create Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night painting, in makeup.

Each of them are given free rein to decide how they want to approach the challenge. Some of them go for simple, sleek designs, whilst others go for extravagant motifs. Each artist is totally different and all interpret the task in a different way. It’s fascinating to see just how each artist approaches the task and how each of them bring their own unique style and techniques to the table.

Re-creating Van Gogh's

Makeup Artists|Allure|Fashion

Inside The World’s Smallest McDonald’s

Step inside the world’s smallest McDonald’s, the McHive. This inventive advert from McDonald’s in Sweden has to be one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen!

The McHive is a 100% real beehive, which works just as well as a fully-functioning, professional beehive. The idea was born out of a local initiative to put beehives on top of buildings to help combat the decline in bee populations. After a few were placed on top of McDonald’s restaurants, the fast food chain decided to support the cause in a unique way. So they decided to make tiny McDonald’s for the bees themselves! So, if you look hard enough, you can spot a tiny McDonald’s on top of a full-sized Maccys!

Take A Look At The World's Smallest McDonald's: The McHive image of bees

McHive|McDonald’s|Ads and Promos

Audi, Spurs and A Chicken Visit White Hart Lane

Audi, Tottenham Hotspur and a chicken show us around the recently revamped White Hart Lane stadium in this funny advert. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, doesn’t it?

Well, to be more specific, a cockerel is the star of the ad! The cockerel is the animal that sits atop Spurs’ iconic badge and stadium rooftop. In the ad, people keep asking if Spurs will still stay close to their roots after they’ve moved into a flashy new stadium. We quickly learn that the cockerel will be patrolling the grounds, making sure Spurs don’t forget their long history!

Audi, Tottenham Hotspur And A Chicken Show Us Around White Hart Lane image of chicken

Audi|Tottenham Hotspur|Sports

The World’s Worst Week

Animator Damien Bastelica brings us this short film called Hell Of A Week. It tells the story of Roger, an office worker who’s having a really bad week.

We follow Roger from Monday to Friday. Each day, something goes wrong for him. Most of his grievances are with his co-workers, who frequently throw things at Roger, knowing full well that he won’t retaliate. Some people say Monday is the worst day of the week, but for Roger, every day feels like a rubbish Monday. We feel for you Roger!

Short Animation Shows Us One Man's Week From Hell image of man

Hell Of A Week|Damien Bastelica|Animation

Nasa Are Sending People To The Moon, To Stay

NASA announced their latest space mission in this exciting video. They tell us how they’re going to the moon once again, but this time, they’re staying for good.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, so it’s fitting that NASA announce their planned return to our nearest neighbour now. In this video, we learn why, and how, they’re going back. We find out how they plan to create a base on the moon by 2024, meaning that humans could live indefinitely on the moon’s surface. NASA say that the tech developed for this project could one day be used to set up the first space colony on Mars.

NASA Tell Us They're Sending People To The Moon, To Stay gif of space

Space Exploration|NASA|Ads and Promos

Ex FBI Agent – How To Tell If Someone’s Lying

WIRED chat to Joe Navarro, an ex-FBI agent who tells us how to read body language and how to tell when someone is lying.

In this interview, Joe walks us through all the ways that he guesses whether someone is hiding something or not. Often, the obvious signs we think indicate that someone is lying are false flags and are actually pretty easy to cover up. Joe walks us through the super-subtle giveaways that give people away. It’s fascinating to see all the little things that we do without thinking about it that reveal a lot about who we are.

Ex-FBI Agent Tells Us How To Read Body Language gif of people


Bill Gates’ Favourite Books

Trust Bill Gates to turn something as simple as a book recommendation into a stunning visual masterpiece! In this 3D animation, he recommends 5 different books to read this summer.

For each book, we get a beautiful visual representation of the book’s themes. Hearing Bill’s descriptions combined with the amazing artwork really gives us a brilliant insight into what the books are about before we’ve even read them! In fact, the visuals are so detailed, we feel like we’ve already read all five, just by watching this video!

5 Books To Read This Summer|Bill Gates|3D Animation

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