We’ve complied our favourite vids from the last seven days and put them all here for you to enjoy. So, here (in no particular order) is our list of the best videos of the week.

Tottenham Hotspur Stars Play A Game Of “Footgolf”

Heung-min Son, Dele Alli, Hugo Lloris and Lucas Moura play a game of footgolf around Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium in this hilarious video.

For those not familiar with the sport of footgolf, it works like normal golf, but you use a football and your own legs to get a hole in one instead of a golf club and ball. The guys play it around the bar and halftime area of Spurs’ stadium. They’re all feeling pretty competitive and want to get the grand prize. What’s the prize we hear you ask? Well, whoever gets the lowest score gets to wear the coveted manager’s jacket normally worn by Jose Mourinho.

Tottenham Hotspur|Footgolf|Sports

Jutland II Explores The Stunning Danish Countryside

Jutland II is a short film by Jonas Høholt that explores the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark.

The region is known for its incredible views, amazing landscapes and breathtaking weather. It’s a place where you can truly see all four seasons in all their glory. In this video, Jonas uses time-lapse techniques to show us weeks worth of footage in a matter of seconds. Seeing the peninsula over such a large amount of time really makes you appreciate how different the area looks season to season.

Jutland II|Jonas Høholt|Short Form

This Animation Recreates Famous Drum Solos

The Drummer is an animation by Podenco that recreates one of the most famous drum solos of all time.

The recording is from a drum solo by Art Blakey that was taken during the performance of A Night In Tunisia in Belgium in 1958. In the Jazz era, a lot of love is given to artists who played the trumpet masterfully or were killer saxophonists, but the humble drummer is often ignored. This animation looks to give them the credit they deserve and celebrates the legendary drummer Art Blakey.

This Animation Recreates The Greatest Drum Solos Of All Time image of Podenco

The Drummer|Podenco|2D Animation

Sean Paul Breaks Down His Fave Dancehall Songs With Pitchfork

Legendary artist Sean Paul reveals his favourite Dancehall tunes to Pitchfork in this interesting interview.

He starts off by telling us the exact definition of Dancehall. He describes it as the son of Reggae and the brother of Hip Hop. It’s roots are in Jamaica, but it took influences from other places as well to become something totally new. He tells us one of his favourite classic tunes is Bam Bam by Sister Nancy. The infectious song set the standard for the genre and quickly became an underground hit.

Sean Paul Goes Through His Favourite Dancehall Tunes With Pitchfork image of Sean Paul

Sean Paul|Pitchfork|Interviews

Watch The Trailer For “The Willoughbys”

Netflix brings us this cheery trailer for their new animated movie The Willoughbys.

The kids film is an adaptation of the book by Lois Lowry. The novels gained a big following and many parents and children alike will be excited to see the characters come to the big screen. The plot of the film is about a large family. The mischievous brothers and sisters are always getting up to something and playing pranks on their mean parents. The parents really aren’t all that keen on their kids and often go on fun trips without them. Sensing an opportunity, the young ones trick them on going on a fake holiday.

Watch The Trailer For The New Netflix Animated Movie

The Willoughbys|Netflix|Trailers

Mercedes-Benz – #StayHome

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, many brands have been offering their support to key workers and have been encouraging people to stay at home as much as possible.

Mercedes are one of those brands and in this ad, they take some time to say thank you to the people who’re providing vital services across the world. In some cases, Mercedes will be helping people get there as many workers will be driving to work in Mercedes vehicles. But the brand says that for the rest of us, we’re best off leaving our cars sat in the drive. Normally, Mercedes encourages it’s customers to get out, see the world and go on an adventure. But here, they tell you that now’s the time to stay at home and to save adventuring for another day.

Mercedes-Benz|Thanks To Everyone|Ads and Promos

Tesco – For Every Mum

Tesco’s Mother’s Day ad for 2020 showed some appreciation for all the different types of mothers that there are in the world.

For lots of different reasons, the person who you consider to be your mum might not actually be your biological parent. In this ad, we see families talk about other figures in their life who fill a guardian role for them. For some, they might’ve lost their mother at a young age, others might be adopted and some might also have step-mums. There can be lots of reasons why this is the case, but ultimately, these mums still deserve a card on Mother’s Day as well.

Tesco|Mother’s Day|Ads and Promos

Screen Junkies Made A Hilarious Honest Trailer For “Rise Of Skywalker”

Screen Junkies released this hilarious honest trailer for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

The channel often rewrite trailers to match what people really made of the film. Although the final Star Wars movie performed well at the box office, many fans felt that it was a bit all over the place. Ever heard of the saying “too many cooks spoil a broth”? Well, with all the millions of fans pushing for certain plot lines and tons of movie execs having their input, the final result left much to be desired.

Honest Trailers|Star Wars|Film

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