The Best Short Films of 2019

Filmmakers in 2019 have been released some really exciting stuff this year. Some of our favourite films have been hilariously witty, others incredibly touching. But they all have one thing in common, they’re all awesome! Here (in no particular order) are our picks for some of the best short films of 2019:


Oliver Astrologo

Insecurity Questions

Gideon Beresford & Behnam Taheri

Wind In The Willows Wildlife Appeal

Wildlife Trust

A Pigeon Love Story

Jake Wegesin

The Stained Club

Melanie Lopez & Simon Boucly

Junk Food Comes To Life


Stop-Motion Father And Son

Tiny Inventions

Bel Air – Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remake

Morgan Cooper

When Jazz And Cooking Combine


9/11, Told From The Ground

Paul Stone

Broken Orchestra

Charlie Tyrell

Tragedy At Le Mans ’55

Quentin Baillieux


Colin Levy



History of Corona – Stop Motion


Hair Love

Sony Animation Studio

Crisanto Street

The Guardian

Nigeria’s First BMX Crew

Red Bull

Brotherhood of Skiers


A Sister’s Hope

Already Alive