TED-Talks Amsterdam creates an experiment where they teach AI to be sexist in this video to show us the worst of discrimination.

They create an artificial intelligence program that has in built biases towards women in it. After leaving it for two weeks, they come back to see how the AI “thinks”. It has all the hallmarks of a sexist person. It gives women lesser pay, opportunities and jobs. In a small matter of time, it already exhibits many of the negative behaviours that we see in our modern society.

The ad ends by pointing out that we have to teach an AI how to be sexist. AI’s don’t naturally discriminate against women, we have to show it how to have these offensive views. The promo is for TED-Talks Amsterdam, where inspirational women from around the world are given an opportunity to speak about the biggest issues facing our world today. It’s a really innovative and interesting way to advertise an event like this. The use of AI in the future could make the world a much less sexist place, but it’ll take input from women themselves to make sure that this will be the case.

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