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TED-Ed tells us the fascinating history of alcohol in this animated video.

In it, we hear about the process of creating alcohol. The very first signs of alcohol consumption were linked to fermenting fruit. As time went on, the fermenting process became more complicated and different kinds of alcohol were created. The earliest evidence of alcohol consumption goes all the way back to 5000 BC, although animals were likely accidentally consuming alcohol by eating fermented fruit long before that.

Beer was one of the easier and more widely consumed form of alcohol initially, but grapes were used later on in history to make wine. Every region had their own variation of alcohol, which was based on the crops that were most commonly grown in each country. Spirits didn’t come along till much later, as creating them requires the process of distillation, which wasn’t invented until the 9th century. These liquids played a huge role in exploration, as mixing small amounts of spirits with water kept it fresh for far longer, meaning that sailors could embark on big trips to faraway lands.

TED-Ed|The History Of Alcohol|2D Animation 

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