TED-Ed examines the history of the Illuminati in this interesting animation. The group has been accused of being a secret society that manipulates culture, politics and media but is any of that really true?

The reality is a little less astounding. The Illuminati were a real group that existed in the 18th century in Bavaria in Germany. Frustrated by the church’s large influence on ideas and day-to-day life, secular philosopher Adam Weishaupt decided to set up the Illuminati. It was a secret society that looked to offer powerful people an avenue to discuss new ideas without having to worry about the scrutiny of the church. It was inspired by the Freemasons group who are still around today.

TED-Ed Looks At The Mysterious History Of The Illuminati image of The Illuminati

Eventually, the group was banned and dissipated over time. Some claim that it is still around today, although there’s almost no evidence that the Illuminati still exists in 2019. TED-Ed tells us that although the ideas were revolutionary at the time, there were part of a wider shift that was happening worldwide. People were moving away from monarchies and religion and moving towards democracy and enlightenment anyway, so the Illuminati might not have been as all-powerful as people think.

TED-Ed|The Illuminati|2D Animation

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